RA Workshops – Anatomy and Ultrasound for Peripheral Nerve Blocks – Sydney Ultrasound and RA Cadaveric Workshops

Regional Anaesthesia Workshops 

Anatomy and Ultrasound for Peripheral Nerve Blocks

University of Queensland. A one day hands-on practical course provides anaesthetists and trainees with the opportunity to learn new skills and theoretical knowledge to enhance their practice of regional anaesthesia, with a mixture of live models, prosections, and fresh cadavers. 2013 brochure here

Sydney Ultrasound and Regional Anaesthesia Cadaveric (SURAC) Workshops

Macquarie University. Perfecting ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia techniques requires training and practice. The SURAC workshops are designed and developed to provide anaesthetists with highly realistic real-time needle guidance practice on the trunk, upper and lower limb single shot block and continuous catheter techniques. 2013 brochure here

Regional Anaesthesia Special Interest Group (RASIG)

Tripartite body of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists, New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists, and the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, to co-ordinate major educational events, projects, and collaboration between specialists with an interest in regional anaesthesia. RASIG homepage here 

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