The App


The RA Pocket Guide for iOS is the complete electronic version for peripheral and para-axial nerve blocks.


Intentionally not replicating larger textbooks of regional anaesthesia, the book is a concise aide-memoire that practitioners carry into clinical areas, providing a convenient resource to assist in safe and effective practice of nerve blocks. The Regional Anaesthesia Pocket Guide for iOS re-formats the book for a mobile experience on your iPod or iPhone. Being able to carry the electronic version with you at all times in your clinical practice allows immediate access for the busy health professional. Standard functions include bookmarking, fast searching, indexing for cross reference, and rapid access to contents, all with a few swipes and context-specific buttons.

The Regional Anaesthesia Pocket Guide for iOS comprehensively describes all major and important peripheral and neuraxial blocks of the upper and lower limbs, head and neck, abdomen, and trunk. Surface landmark approaches are discussed along with ultrasound guided techniques. Special attention is given to ultrasound guided nerve blocks, with sections on scanning tips and clinical pearls on obtaining and optimising sonoanatomy and needle visibility. Other sections describe indications and contraindications to regional anaesthesia, informed consent, local anaesthesia systemic toxicity diagnosis and treatment, and preparation of nerve stimulators and ultrasound machines. We hope that the Regional Anaesthesia Pocket Guide for iOS will be an invaluable companion for trainees and residents as an educational tool, and for consultants and attendants as a handy resource for regional anaesthesia.